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Large Compound

Our premises include roughly 3 acres of land, of which the school building and miniature kitchen take up a minor part (see picture on the right, showing view from school building, with football court and kitchen). The premises could neatly house simple but adequate sport facilities for extracurricular activities and physical education. They are not fenced yet, a fact not highly appreciated by the parents, who would like for their children to be watched to stay within the school premises and people not connected to the school to be kept out.

At the moment, the compound includes an improvised football field, which could easily be professionalized, as soon as the school will be able to afford fencing the compound, installing real goalposts and treating the dry, sandy ground. Danadsy's football teams are quite successful already, with the girls team winning and the boys team coming out second at the last great football competition (see picture on the left) held between about fifty private schools in the area of Kasoa.