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Lack of Senior High Schools

Over the past few years a lot of small schools were built in the Kasoa area, most of them only featuring crèche, nursery and primary school. Some institutions are also offering the Junior High School education as it is done at Danadsy School Complex.

However, the opportunity for secondary education is very limited. There are only 49 Senior High Schools in the entire Central Region - compared to 1,207 primary schools and 856 junior secondary schools. Needless to say, secondary education is necessary for the children to progress to tertiary education, like university or polytechnics. In the Central region, less than 6% of the population have attended secondary schools (exceptions are the districts of Cape Coast, Gomoa and Awutu- Efutu-Senya with about 6-9%) (source).

Therefore, one of Danadsy's long term project is to establish a senior high school. As soon as the school has fully grown to it's current challenges, it will endeavor to take part in changing this situation, by offering this important educational service to Junior Secondary School graduates throughout the neighbourhood.