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Information and Communication Technology

Equipped with a computer laboratory, Danadsy is already ahead of many national schools, with teachers being able to actually work on computers with the students, as opposed to only teaching the theory. Fortunately, through our German co-operation partner (“Umsonstladen” in Trier & “Gemeinde des Lebendingen Gottes Trier e.V.”) in 2005, used computers and monitors were sent to our school. 

Unfortunately a lot of the PC's in the lab do not function properly - mostly due to their age - so that depending on the class' size about three to four students do have to share one computer. Hardly any PC is sufficiently usable for the lessons. The same problem is worrying the administration, which accordingly is mainly operating without digital help – which would improve and simplify their work. The typing of exams on computers constantly on the verge of a breakdown is imaginably tiring.

Especially for our students, the possibility to use a well functioning computer would help develop simple but crucial skills such as typing, knowledge of basic office programs and storing and securing of data. As many of Danadsy's students are no more able to learn these skills at home, a lot of them might leave school with a major lack in education. The importance of ICT knowledge is out of question: it will be required as much in an university education as in any choice of job since it simplifies administration, storing and securing of data, rendering of texts a.s.o.

The prospect of being able to offer a thorough ICT education to the kids is still utopian – and any support would greatly aid us to change that. We would like to add, that support in this matter should not be considered as “dead aid”, since it might help strengthening the foundation of the kid's education in a way that is practically infeasible without aid. We live in a world where these skills are required, but where it is impossible to acquire them without the necessary equipment. The equipment, which is so easily accessible to a small part of the worlds population, requires quite a fortune for Danadsy School Complex. Helping the school to get equipped accordingly will also help its students to be able to compete on the global market, to have an equal opportunity to take part in that market – and thus – to be more independent of such help in the future.