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Dead Aid – No Thanks!

We do not believe that aid is the foundation on which to build anything, least of all a school. Especially because we see all around us how often it is poorly used or even misused. We believe that Danadsy will grow out of good and hard work, which will show in the students education – their academical results and social skills, enabling them to build and shape a future for themselves.

Support of these efforts will strengthen our ability to grow independently and not cause us to rest and be provided for. The improvement of the school's infrastructure will enable us to take in more students, to provide a more adequate learning environment and obtain better results. This will in turn add to the school's income through the - very low - school fees and help us maintain and further the ability to support those that could not
afford such education off their own means.

We therefore are thankful for your support and promise to keep you up to date as to how and where it is used!