Danadsy School Complex was established to provide affordable quality education for children of diverse religious, ethnic and social backgrounds. Its major objective is to instil a passion for learning and a healthy respect for each other in its students.

Danadsy is located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, within the Ga South Municipal   District of kosoa.  Kasoa lies in the south-eastern part of the country and is part of the Central Region as well as the Greater Accra Region, very close to Accra and the coast. When Mr. Daniel Aduam and Pastor Kweku Owusu Acheampong founded the school on 1st September 2001, the main aim was to provide education for the children in the local community, which was majorly lacking schools at the time.

Why A Private School? - Isn't that for richer people?

No – not here, anyway. In Ghana, government schools offer free education, but there are barely enough governmental facilities to cover the education of all Ghanaian children in an adequate way. At times, government schools accommodate up to 40 to 60 children per class, which leaves teachers and students in a difficult learning environment that all too often affects their academical results. Accordingly, with their children's future in mind, many Ghanaian parents choose to send their children to one of the many private schools in Ghana, hoping it will offer their kids a better education. The OxfamEducation Report suggests that for many countries in the southern hemisphere, ‘‘... the notion that private schools are servicing the needs of a small minority of wealthy parents is misplaced ... a lower cost private sector has emerged to meet the demands of poor households’’ (Watkins 2000: 229–230). (Tooley2007:391)

Therefore, Danadsy School Complex tries to offer an affordable alternative to the government schools, providing quality education to children from diverse social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.