From a Wooden Structure to a Governmentally Accredited School

From a small nursery, starting with five children at the play group level, Danadsy now cares for approximately 300 pupils from nursery to Junior Secondary School 3. While many private schools still lack basic educational facilities and have thus not been recognized by Ghana's Board of Education, Danadsy is a governmentally accredited school, following the Ghanaian general syllabus and adding to it a wide range of educational offers.

While Danadsy operated in a wooden structure at first, the school has now grown to house ten big classrooms, a computer-lab and now holds student and teacher wash rooms. The director, staff and the parents work towards the school's growth, using all extra money to improve the facilities and thereby the learning environment. These efforts lead to the connection of the school to the public water supply system with a pipe in August 2011. Before, water had to be fetched from a private water tap 3 km away on a daily basis. Now, great parts of the surrounding community are able to fetch water from the school’s pipe line.

Also, very luckily, the school was finally able to install wash rooms - which are not at all common in schools in Ghana's rural areas. Naturally, the lack of flowing, clean water poses a threat to the children's health if it goes with insufficient hygienic conditions. The instalment of the wash rooms with WC greatly improved the possibility for children and staff to properly clean their hands and to appropriately maintain female hygiene. (For further reading see e.g.: Education 2009 Annual Progress Report)

Room to Grow

Still, Danadsy is hoping to be able to finish the upper classrooms, still without doors and windows, and walls unconnected with the tin roof ceiling and bare concrete floors and walls. Also, Danadsy's premises, now housing the school building, an improvised kitchen and a dry football field, as well as a big plot of land, shall be fenced and hold a real kitchen with a cafeteria, improved sport facilities and a small self-sustained garden to supply the kitchen.

Danadsy's potential to improve it's educational environment and broaden it's after-class activity range is huge, if only it were enabled to efficiently and completely use it's quite spacious premises. Read more about Danadsy's Projects and Needs or contribute to our Efforts.